Weekly Playlist 032

This week features a healthy dosage of new releases, but also supplies an ecclectic mix of genres; new music comes our way from Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar, Spoon, Future Islands, The Collection, and Local Natives. That’s a majority of this weeks’ picks! Let’s get into the features…

This week’s first feature is the newest track from synth-rockers (and frequent “Weekly Playlist” entrants) Future Islands, titled “Cave”. The intro is a very 80s sounding synth chord, leading to the band’s signature galloping drum rhythm accompanied by a popping bassline; lyricist Sam Herring laments a lost faith in love and life in his classic “crooning growl” style. I’m very excited for their upcoming album The Far Field– which is sure to have some A+ tracks on it– coming April 7 of this year; if you can, try and see them on their 2017 tour, which includes stops at various festivals, including Bonnaroo, which is where I’ll be seeing them!

My second feature, “Andromeda (feat. D.R.A.M.)” is from a long-time favorite group of mine, Gorillaz. I first was introduced to them during 2005 as “Feel Good Inc.”, the leading single off their ‘05 release Demon Days, received copious amounts of airplay on the radio. In fact, that summer, I remember my family took a trip to downtown Chicago, where I purchased my very first CDs: Demon Days and Paper Tigers by Caesers. The English band, fronted by alt rock pioneer Damon Albarn, recently released a very…interesting standalone single earlier this year; political nuances aside, I can’t say I enjoyed the song at all, though there were some out there that seemed to appreciate the artistry in the monotonal, dissonant track. Gorillaz redeemed themself, however, as they released 4 singles off their upcoming release titled Humanz. (out April 28) “Andromeda” gets back to the alt rock/alt hip hop roots of the band, and features some backup lyrics and treatment from rapper D.R.A.M. Give the other singles a listen, as they’re just as good as this feature!

Here are my picks for the week of March 20-March 26.

  1. AndromedaGorillaz feat. D.R.A.M. New Release
  2. The Heart Part 4Kendrick Lamar New Release
  3. Go All NightGorgon City feat. Jennifer Hudson
  4. First CaressSpoon New Release
  5. CaveFuture Islands New Release
  6. You Taste Link WineThe Collection New Release
  7. VelvetThe Big Pink
  8. free press and curlShabazz Palaces
  9. Dream GirlYesse Yavis
  10. I Saw You Close Your EyesLocal Natives New Release