About This Site


This site is meant to act as a personal blog, landing site for Github projects, and practice for future web development.


The design of geoffdavis92.github.io is based off of my first portfolio site. I wanted to preserve a lot of the same design direction, while updating it to reflect the different patterns I’ve come to rely on since that first iteration.

Build Process

For this project, I am using the ever-loved Jekyll, my favorite structured SSG. I chose Jekyll because it’s Liquid-based engine is powerful, and I don’t see myself writing enough to warrant the use of a database-based blog engine like Wordpress.


I am using a mix of HTML and a syntax called Markdown to structure the content of my web pages. I’m using HTML for my layout, content organization, and semantic sections, while using Markdown primarily for the content itself.

I find Markdown is very useful for writing rich text content, while keeping the focus mostly on the message, and not the HTML structuring it. Because I am using Jekyll, Markdown is fully supported in any *.md file.


Like many web developers, I am using Sass for writing pre-compiled, programmatic styling code. Again, Jekyll has built-in Sass-compiling ability, so aside from my love and daily usage of Sass, it was a no brainer. My _sass directory consists of files separated out by categories (i.e. colors, layouts, mixins, etc) and one subdirectory containing component style sheets.

My way of organizing my styles is very loosely based on SMACSS, but does not really conform to the standard.


Because I’m hosting this site on Github Pages, the only interactivity is with Javascript. I am using ES6 syntax, and Babel to compile it into browser-available code.


Aside from any personal photos or infographics that I place on this site, most images will come from Unsplash, a user-submitted photography site that allows free commercial and personal use under the Creative Commons Zero license.